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Choosing A Rewards Checking Account

Choose The Right Checking Account

There’s a seemingly endless number of personal checking accounts boasting interest rates that no other account can match. When the average account offers you 0.20% interest, an account like Kasasa Cash Plus® (and its 5.25% APY) is a big deal.

In years gone by, the answer would be an easy one — park your money where it earns you the most money on top of your current savings. But in today’s world, checking accounts have become so much more, with an array of perks, cash-back options, and value-added services that could mean more to you than a higher interest rate.

“It’s cool; I’ve already got a checking account.”

We hear that a lot. Question: Are you in love? If you’re not sure if your current checking account is right for you, a breakup may be in order. Consider us that friend who’s always ready to lend an ear and offer advice that can help you determine your next step.)

In any case, you’ll want to make sure the financial institution you have a checking account with truly does works for you. In addition to your potential earnings, CNBC reporter Alexandra White says specific factors like minimum deposit requirements, fees, ATM network, and mobile app features should also play a role in which account you choose.

Bankrate’s Libby Wells agrees, noting that it can pay to play the field.

Checking accounts designed for individuals 50 and over offer extra benefits with more simplicity.

“It’s smart to shop around and compare checking accounts from different banks and credit unions before you choose one to open,” Wells writes. “Before making a selection, think about your banking needs, habits and preferences, and your comfort level with digital banking versus branch banking.”

Another thing to consider is the number of checking accounts you might need:
  • If you’re married or have a partner, you should discuss whether you plan to blend your finances or maintain separate accounts over the long haul.
  • If you are a small business owner or someone who regularly uses personal funds for work-related issues, you might want a separate account for those activities.
  • How about children or other family members? Many financial institutions offer accounts for senior customers as well as those with no minimum balance requirements, which can be perfect for teens and young savers.
Let’s compare checking accounts and help you figure out which may be right for you.

Earn higher interest when you keep a higher balance in your Kasasa Cash checking account.

High-Interest Checking

A high-interest checking account tells you all you need to know in its name — you’ll earn a higher interest rate (assuming you meet minimum account qualifications) if you keep your money in this type of account.

For example, CS Bank’s Kasasa Cash Plus® Checking account offers a 5.25% APY. That’s 87.5 times the industry average. You only need $100 to open a Kasasa Cash® Checking account, and you’ll pay zero monthly maintenance fees. Plus, for those times when you just need to withdraw cash from wherever you are, this account includes ATM refunds of up to $20 each month.

All you need to qualify for a high rate of interest and ATM refunds is a minimum of 15 debit card transactions and two ACH credit or payment transactions (like direct deposits) each month. Easy, right?

Cash Back Checking

For every customer who loves seeing “free money” add up in their account as they earn a high rate of interest throughout the year, we’ve met another who loves getting cash back each month. Trust me, there’s no right or wrong way to go here — it’s simply personal preference.

This is why the Kasasa Cash Back® Checking account rewards consumers a slightly different way, with 2% cash back on debit
card purchases as well as the previously mentioned ATM fee refunds. So, if you’re a heavy debit card user, this could mean big financial rewards for you. After all, at $6 per month, you could get $72 in cash back each year without changing any of your current debit card habits!

And, like Kasasa Cash® Checking, you can open a Kasasa Cash Back® Checking with as little as $100. The same minimum transaction limits (15 debits and two ACH credits or payments) apply as well.

If you like to make purchases with a debit card, earn cash back on purchases with Kasasa Cash Back checking

Rewards Checking

Outside of cash back and higher interest rates, an increasing number of checking accounts now offer value-added services customers would never think they could get from a bank.

In a recent survey of more than 2,500 people, at least 50% indicated that they’d be interested in features like identity theft if their bank included them with their checking account. In this day and age, finding an institution who has you covered from all angles is the smart way to bank.

We decided to sweeten the deal, because it all comes down to rewarding our customers and saving you money.

Kasasa Care was created with convenience in mind and offers you a top-quality lifestyle marketplace backed by industry leaders. It’s just part of our plan to give you the best life solutions — in banking and beyond. Through our partnership with Kasasa, we offer our customers services such as identity protection, asset protection, dental insurance, prescription savings, and more! Cool, right?

Now, we know you might be thinking, “What does Kasasa mean?” Well, Kasasa is a company we’ve partnered with to give customers the checking account rewards they’re actually looking for. That means no flimsy frisbees or cheap umbrellas here — we know that you want cash and great interest rates, and Kasasa helps us design accounts that give them to you!

So, whether you’re looking for a personal checking account that offers cash back, a great interest rate, the ultimate senior discount, or a simple checking account, CS Bank has an account for you.

Find a checking account that meets your unique needs

When you’re ready to make the switch to better banking, we are here to help — right now! Find the best checking account based on your financial goals and how you like to watch your money grow. If you have any questions, connect with us online, give us a call at 479-253-2265, or visit any of our convenient locations and we'll help you find the best checking account in Eureka Springs, Holiday Island, Berryville, Huntsville, and Harrison, Arkansas, or in Cassville, Missouri.