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Individual Retirement Accts

Are you looking for a safe way to grow your retirement account?

CS Bank offers Individual Retirement Accounts in Northwest Arkansas and Cassville, Missouri. Both Traditional and Roth IRAs are an ideal way to save for retirement. Your IRA savings account is 100% FDIC insured and offers competitive rates. Consult with your tax advisor on the advantages of opening or adding to an IRA Account.

What are Traditional and Roth IRAs?

The two types of IRAs give you a choice about whether to enjoy tax benefits now or in the future.

  •  Traditional: Similar to a 401(k) account, you can deposit pre-tax income in your traditional IRA account to enjoy tax savings now.
  • Roth: Make deposits that have already been taxed at today’s rates and enjoy tax-free withdrawals in your retirement.

A traditional IRA is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have an employer-sponsored 401(k) account. A Roth IRA is a nice complement to a 401(k) or Traditional IRA. Both Traditional and Roth IRA savings accounts are FDIC-insured, making it a safe way to save for retirement.

Earn more from you IRA!

Maximize your savings simply by keeping your primary checking with us! Visit with one of our knowledgeable Deposit Service Representatives to see how we can help you plan for your current and future savings needs while keeping your investments 100% FDIC-insured. Large deposits can obtain FDIC Insurance through our CDARS Registry Service.

Ask About Our Monthly Special!

Each month we offer a different high-interest rate on our IRAs. Open an IRA within the specified time period to enjoy your special rate. Now is the time to start saving for the future!

Questions About Our Accounts?

Ready to get started?

At CS Bank, we are all about the community. Our objective is to be the "banking family" that people look for through our superior customer service. To learn more about our Individual Retirement savings accounts, fill out our online contact form or visit one of our convenient locations in Eureka Springs, Huntsville, Harrison, Holiday Island, Berryville, Arkansas, or Cassville, MO to speak with a bank representative. 


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*Renews to a 24 month CD/IRA. Minimum opening balance $5,000 on Certificate of Deposit or Individual Retirement Account. A minimum balance of $.01 is required to earn Annual Percentage Yield. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. IRS penalty could apply. Fees may reduce earnings on this account.